Traditional baby journals and keepsake journals for your children include so many prompts that often feel irrelevant to you or are difficult to answer. You might start off with good intentions, but after a while, forget to record details and end up with so many blank spaces - because, for example, you can’t remember which teeth your baby got first and when, or how tall they were when they turned three.

Then what happens when you have two children, or five?! What happens to the funny things your children say and moments that can’t be captured in iPhone snaps?

That’s where this journal is different.

It’s one of a kind.

It is simple. Versatile. And for recording the most important thing of all – little ordinary moments of time that made your heart sing. 

It’s not just for the milestones, the birthdays, and the firsts. It’s for the raw, unedited, everyday bits of life - that in the end - are the most important bits of all.

Use it as little or as often as you like, without feeling guilty.

Use it for one child, or for your whole family.

Imagine your child - or children - picking up this journal in twenty years’ time. Imagine the laughter and tears as you read this together. And when you have left this earth, imagine them running their fingers over your handwriting, and reflecting on special snippets of family life from your point of view.

What an extraordinary gift.