Welcome to Olive + Page. We’re so glad you stopped by. Here’s a little about who we are and our background inspiration.

Who are we?

Olive + Page is a boutique brand selling soul-enriching journals and heart-warming picture books that help you LIVE a little more.

Our pages bring together values of mindful living, conscious appreciation, sharing and connectedness, and savouring moments in time – to ultimately - enhance the moments and memories we have. 

Watch this space as we continue to add to our product range.

Background inspiration

Olive + Page was born from a genuine desire to help others make the ordinary count. We live in a hurried world, and the over-busy 'always on' culture can wear you down. We might think that we get more out of life by rushing through it - but the truth is, this only waters down our experience. Life is to be devoured, savoured, and bathed in completely - and it is only through slowing down a little that we are able to do that. 

It's time to press pause on the hustle. 

Whether it be through slowing down to write in one of our journals, or connecting with little ones through our children’s picture books – both types of pages have one common mission:

To promote presence, to increase connection, and to enhance moments of joy in everyday life.

Let our pages transform your days, by creating a platform to pause and reflect, connect to ourselves and others, to share with those around us we love most, and to really bathe in and appreciate the little ordinary moments in life – that in the end – are often, the best moments of all. 

Meet Livvy

Author of our kiddies books, creator & designer of our journal collection, and ‘doer of all things’ for Olive + Page.

After many years hustling, rushing, and being immersed high up in corporate culture, Livvy knew she needed change.

A six-month mindfulness course marked the beginning of a decade of new learnings, and was the foundational tool for living a more soul-led life. Becoming a mother, gave her the ultimate WHY to slow down a little and live with more self-alignment, intention, and connection.

The products Livvy has created at Olive + Page are a direct reflection of her personal values and her dream to spread goodness into a world that could do with a little more light.

‘What I have realised is that the most significant memories are not in grand gestures, expensive gifts and fancy holidays. They are in ordinary moments. Little moments. Little things. The most significant moments are in people. In family. They are found in love. The hard part is often finding the awareness and appreciation for these little ordinary moments that already make up your life. The hard part … as simple as it sounds, is just noticing. But in doing so – in noticing – we have the power to create memorable moments and cherished stories. We have the power to turn the mundane everyday into extraordinary days. Creating an opportunity for people to do that – that is my why.’

- Livvy Buys, Director.