Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes we do! Primarily, ship across New Zealand and Australia, but we love to ship further abroad. Please see our Shipping policy page for more information on timeframes and prices. 

Do you have any stockists near me? 

Please refer to our Stockist Information page to find your nearest store. If there is a certain store you would like to see Olive + Page goodness in ~ please let us know! 

My order is going straight to a recipient. Can I include a personalised gift note? 

Yes - we love helping you create that special message for someone! Just include a few words in the 'Notes' space on checkout, and we will write your message word-for-word onto a card for your recipient. 

What type of pages are within your journals?

Our pages are all FSC Certified and eco-friendly. Read more about our sustainable policy here. Our journal range has 120gsm paper and our children's books are made with 157gsm paper with colour printing. 

What is the difference between The Joy Journal and YOU. The Well-being Journal? 

The Joy Journal is largely focused around gratitude practice, with additional daily prompts on self-care and mindful moments. It is based on a 52 week framework, with weekly reflections and intention-setting prompts. This journal is all about creating space for yourself and seeing the goodness that exists in your life with greater ease. 

YOU. The Well-being Journal is more focused on rediscovering yourself and creating change to live in greater alignment with who you are and who you want to become. It includes six chapters including workbooks, examples, and check-ins. The first three chapters are workbooks, and from chapter four, there are six months of planning, habit tracking, and daily journaling. The YOU. Journal also includes a daily space for gratitude, but the prompts include a wider range of questions to ensure you are staying on top of actions towards your goals to ensure you get that change you are so deserving of.  

Is The Joy Journal only for mothers? 

Anyone can use this journal, but it has been designed with mothers in mind. It includes some gratitude prompts about family, children, and the motherhood journey, and it also includes a range of quotes specific to motherhood. It includes a daily prompt 'special moments with my growing one/s.'

What is the difference between the two Family Journals? 

'Hold the moments' is a keepsake journal, for recording the raw, unedited, little everyday moments that make up your life. 'All the good things' is a gratitude journal made for families; to teach your family the power of gratitude and foster greater connection with your home. 

What aged children are the picture books for? 

These books were made with little children in mind. Whether that be introducing stories to your baby, snuggling with your toddler, or reading these at bedtime with your pre-schooler. However, our customers have told us heart-warming stories about gifting to teenagers going through struggles, or a 19 year old who was heading overseas on their big adventure abroad!