This journal is undated, so you can start at any time that works for you, rather than having to wait in accordance with a new year, or someone else’s timeline.

Our six chapters - each with their own carefully crafted prompts - have been pieced together to lead you on a six-month journey that has enough guidance to get you the results you deserve, while giving you complete freedom to design a course of action that’s all about YOU.

Six months is the perfect amount of time to create change, without feeling like a daunting timeline to commit to.

What's required from you?

Besides from a growth mindset, honesty, and a willingness to show up for yourself - you’ll need to set aside a few hours (a day, or maybe even a weekend) to work through the beginning chapters. From there on, the monthly planning pages will require some time to plan your intended actions into the month ahead, but daily, you’re looking at just 5-10 minutes.