The beginning chapter ensures you are asking yourself empowering questions about what you truly want in life and how to create greater balance. The process then, is to set clear and realistic goals, so you can work on creating the life you want to live. Working through the support rituals chapter will have you planning for self-care activities so you can show up as the best version of you, while moving towards your goals. Use the monthly pages to plan actions towards your goals, self-care, and joyful activities, and use the habit tracker to hold yourself accountable. Daily, work on positive mindset practices as you embark on this incredible journey of becoming more of YOU. 

Below you will find the contents page with chapter headings: 

REDISCOVER YOU ~ The Dig Deep Workbook

Delve into your deepest desires, who you really are, your values, life success statement, and dream life. Use the wheel of life to assess areas you currently feel contented in, and others you need to work on.

CHOOSE YOU ~ Actionable Goal Setting

Review The Dig Deep Workbook and set clear actionable goals in order of priority for the six months ahead.

MAKE SPACE FOR YOU ~ Support Rituals

Review your key habits & rituals and how they can best support your goals, mindset, and ultimately, the journey towards a thriving life.

PRIORITISE YOU ~ Monthly Planning & Daily Journaling

Months 1 - 6. Set goal priorities for the month ahead, journal your daily intentions, review your day, and reflect on the month that has been.

LOVE YOU ~ Six Month Reflection

Review your progress over the last six months and how you feel now.


Selected examples to further guide you on your journey.