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Get all three of our ‘Spread the Love’ series for a bundle price.

Life is busy. Raising children is super busy! This series of picture books is designed to provide a platform to slow down, pause, connect, and share with the little ones while reminding them just how truly loved they are.

Because what do children need more than anything, as they grow in amongst this big wide world?

To feel loved.

~ Our first book, My Wishes For You, is a magical star-filled journey of wishes that will let the little ones know just how special, cherished, and oh so loved they are.

~ Our second book, Before You Were Here, is a heartfelt tale of anticipation while the world awaits a very special arrival. It is sure to make your little one know they were, and have always been, a dream come true.

~ Our third book, In a World Full of Magic, explores all the wonder in the world while adventuring through the five senses to discover how much magic exists in the incredible nature of love.

All three make the perfect trio of intricately drawn watercolour illustrations and adventurous rhyme guaranteed to warm the hearts of both the little and big people in your life.

These books aren’t just ordinary books – they are lovingly designed pages that have the power to become treasured keepsakes.

Recommended for children 1-4 but loved by all ages.

~ Words by Livvy Buys

~ Illustrations by Bec Brown

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