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Before you were here

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A story designed to let the little ones know they were, and always have been ... a dream come true.

Before You Were Here is a heartfelt adventure of longing and anticipation. Lead your little one through a magical tale filled to the brim with celebrations, dancing, and singing as the world awaits a very special arrival.

Intricately drawn watercolour illustrations by Bec Brown from Clouds of Colour https://www.cloudsofcolour.com

The road to conceiving a child is often far from straight forward. It can involve many grey days and a longing like no other.

This story is inspired by the many people out there who have been on that journey and wanted nothing more, than to have their very own family.

It provides a wonderful platform to pause, share and connect, and let little ones know they are a dream come true. With words that speak from the heart, and lovingly hand drawn watercolour illustrations, it is guaranteed to make both the big and little people in your life feel all mushy inside.

'I used to look up at the sky, and find the biggest, brightest star.

I'd ask for it to find you, and bring you to me, from afar.'

Think universe gazing, butterfly belly explosions, and fairies dancing. Think animal high-fives, hoola-hooping, tea parties, and party hats. A journey of celebrations, dancing and singing leading up to a very special day – the day a little miracle entered the world.

Before You Were Here has been thoughtfully written and illustrated by two Mamas who live in the sunny Nelson / Tasman region of New Zealand, and are hugely passionate about spreading love to the little ones.

Recommended for children 1-4 but loved by all ages.

~ Words by Livvy Buys

~ Illustrations by Bec Brown

~ Published in 2021

~ 210mm x 235mm

~ 28 pages of lovingly hand drawn original watercolour illustrations

~ Glossed cover 350gsm

~ 157gsm FSC Certified eco-friendly paper with colour printing

~ Unisex characters for both girls and boys, and their Mums or Dads

~ Dedication page perfect for gifting

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