The little ordinary bits

It’s feeling the sun’s warmth on your face. It’s the first sip of your morning coffee. It’s fresh sheets. New pyjamas. A good book. It’s Spring’s new blooms and Autumn’s golden leaves. It’s a real fruit ice cream on a hot sunny day. It’s snuggling into bed at night listening to the sound of rain, as it pounds on the roof above. 

It’s the smile from a stranger. The random acts of kindness that leave you feeling pleasantly surprised. It’s a funny message from a friend that has you laughing out loud. It’s seeing an old couple walking hand in hand as they stroll down the beach. 

It’s the way you wrap your little hands around my neck after you’ve said ‘mama, cuddle.’ It’s seeing your eyes light up as you explore something new. It’s the funny things you say. The cheeky laughter. The determination to do things yourself. The look of concentration as you repeat something over and over until it’s done, and then watching, as you clap hands at your own accomplishments. 

It’s picking the first of the season’s vegetables from the garden. The smell of freshly baked bread from the oven. It’s conversations over dinner. It’s when your favourite song plays on the radio, and then singing along as you drive in the car. It’s sitting down after a long day, in your favourite corner of the house. It's the freedom that's felt with wide open spaces and running through long grass. 

It’s the way you stroke my hair as we’re lying in bed together at night, watching a series on Netflix. It’s how you call me all the time, about nothing at all. It’s offering me a drink as you’re fetching yours too. It’s how you want to do things together. How you always choose to come home. 

It’s listening to the waves come and go, as they crash on the shoreline. It’s birds chirping. The smell of freshly cut grass. It’s planting seeds, and flowers budding and blooming. It’s watching the sky turn orange as the sun sets over the mountain ranges. 

It is in touch.

In tears.

The sound of laughter.

Greeting of eyes.

A warm embrace. 

It is these little moments. 

The ordinary ones. 

The little things. 

It is here, where you find the greatest pleasures of life. 

It is here, where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.