9 game-changing tips to revolutionise your well-being habits

The hardest thing about nurturing well-being is sticking to those strategies we know are good for us. You hear me, right?

It’s a familiar story: Most of us have really good intentions. We start off with a bang and then after an initial phase of motivation, we revert back to old habits and stop doing the things we know are good for us. Maybe work gets super busy, maybe something happens that puts the emotions on rollercoaster mode, or maybe we’re just feeling down right exhausted. The point is, life happens, and it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon and let your good intentions slide.

Believe me, I know! 

The good news is that healthy habits are just as addictive as unhealthy ones. Read that again. 

The key lies in taking small, consistent steps that lead to remarkable results. I've talked about the ripple-effect before, because it is REAL. If you begin practicing gratitude, for example, that can lead to an improved relationship, more resilience in your career, better sleep - which in turn could help with your motivation to exercise, and creating a plan for joyful activities in your week.

So, if you're ready to rewrite your well-being story, buckle up as we dive into 9 bite-sized tips to implement and stick to your new habits.

9 bite-sized tips to help implement & stick to your new well-being habits: 


1. Start small 

Begin with a tiny habit that is easy to accomplish. Don't overload yourself with a whole lot of new things at once! For instance, if you want to read more to learn something new (as well as create a relaxing evening ritual), start by reading a few pages a day of a book of interest. Once you've got that mastered, increase the length of reading time. Then you can begin adding extra healthy habits to that.  

2. Be specific

Specificity is key to forming clear intentions. Have a specific time and place that you will perform the new habit. For example, 'after I have had my evening shower, I will read 5 pages of my new book in bed.'

3. Habit stacking

The best way to remember to do your new habit, is to pair your habit with an existing one. For example, if you want to meditate daily, do it right after brushing your teeth in the morning, or as soon as you get out of bed.

4. Make it attractive

Tie your new habit to an existing habit that you love, so it acts as a reward. For example, if you are wanting to incorporate movement into your day, you could say, ‘As soon as I wake up, I will do an online HIIT class in the living room, and then treat myself with my morning coffee outside in the sunshine.'

5. Make it obvious

Eliminate obstacles in your environment, and make your new habit as visible as possible. Lay out your running shoes by the door to remind you to exercise. Keep your new journal on your bedside table.  

6. Set clear goals

Define your goals with clear action points. Make them measurable, achievable, and time-bound. Knowing what you're working toward keeps you motivated, and writing them down helps you to remember! Find a great journal that helps you set goals and work towards achieving them. 

7. Your future self

Instead of focussing only on the end outcome, such as ‘I want to be a certain weight,’ think about who your future self is. Tell yourself who you are and how you want to feel. Change is much easier created on the inside than focusing solely on the external outcome. You could say to yourself, ‘I am the healthiest, glowing, and most vibrant version of me.’ 

8. Affirmations

Point 7 leads me to affirmations. They really are so helpful. Think of a powerful sentence to tell yourself which will interrupt any negative mind chatter when you think of not completing your new habit! 

9. Use a journal to track progress and keep yourself accountable

Some journals include habit tracking and regular check-ins on your overall goals. Seeing your progress, and holding yourself accountable in this way, can be a powerful motivator. Our YOU journal has daily check-ins which acts an incredible companion on your well-being journey, helping you stay motivated. 

Implementing and sticking to new well-being habits is a journey, not a destination. By starting small, being specific, and staying committed, you can transform your life in profound ways. Remember, healthy habits are the building blocks of a fulfilling life, so embrace them with intention and consistency. Your future self will thank you for it!